Directional drilling

Advantage to perform the work in directional drilling:

  • Saving money
  • Dig horizontally
  • No breakage on the surface (asphalt, lawn , building, etc.)
  • Reduces the duration of the work
  • Reduced municipal authorization requests
  • Machinery and discreet little noisy
  • Speed ​​of implementation

Directional drilling or directed

Directional or directional drilling allows for the installation of a conduit under an obstacle, such as a river or a road, without harming the surrounding environment. Unlike the technique of horizontal drilling, it is possible to change the path of the pilot hole so that we can very accurately control the drilling curve thus avoiding potential barriers. Once completed pilot hole we remove the drill head and replace it with a reamer up to one and a half times the diameter of the pipe. Then we remove the stems proceeding in the opposite direction thereby to install the pipe.

With this equipment we can undertake simple drilling operations requiring a capacity of less than 10,000 pounds (pull back), as well as major applicant has a work force of up to 220 000 pounds. Additionally, the recycling unit that we use for drilling mud provides a more than effective work and can significantly reduce the volume of sludge to dispose at the end of the work.

Whatever the obstacles to circumvent we have the expertise necessary to attain, as you want, all your directed drilling.

Video on the directional drilling technique