A team of experts in directional and horizontal drilling .

Directional and horizontal drilling are methods of trenchless laying of pipes . The choice of method and dictated by the layout of the premises to be protected and that the soil conditions in place. For the success of laying pipe without excavation , expertise is essential. Do not hesitate to contact us when planning your projects and we will be happy to share our knowledge with you.

A family business

Charles Tétreault President Tetson Drilling Ltd. is active in the field of drilling since 1992. The involvement of his son Gabriel in 2006 then gave birth Drilling Ltd. tetson . He thus became the vice president since. His coming guarantee the continuity of the business.


Directional drilling

A first well bore , called the pilot hole , is guided by means of a probe located at the front of the drill head . The sensor transmits data to a receiver at the surface which transmits the latter to the operator of the drilling machine , which allows it to locate the drill and thereby to guide it. Completion of the pilot hole is reamed to a diameter sufficient to insert the leads to the removal of drill rods. Depending on the diameter of the duct to install , reaming sequences will be performed.

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Forage horizontal

Le forage horizontal consiste à foncer une gaine d’acier dans le sol a l’aide soit d’un marteau pneumatique ou d’une foreuse munie d’une tarrière localisée à l’intérieur de la gaine. Cette méthode ne crée aucun espace entre la gaine et le sol en place. Elle nécessite une excavation d’une longueur suffisante pour installer une section de gaine et l’équipement servant au fonçage de cette dernière.

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